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8 ideas for an unforgettable bachelor

8 ideas for an unforgettable bachelor

Are you looking to organize a bachelor party? Summer is without a doubt the season with the most weddings of the year. Friends, relatives, old classmates, and colleagues decide to exchange vows of eternal love, dance the Isaiah dance, and organize the best wedding party since we are talking about one of the most important days of their lives. Makes sense. But what about the bachelor party?

Both for us men and for women, the day of the bachelor is of great importance, since it is the last craze, which also marks the end of an era. The groom goes from carelessness and freedom to married life and of course, such a change of status requires a big party with close friends, the people who were, are, and will be next to him in all phases of his life.

Until a few years ago, no bachelor party in Greece did not include bouzouki fun, lots of drinking, and some stripper dancing for the groom. I think that we have now left behind the particular bachelor party model and we guys have turned to more new, cool, and original ideas for this big day. So many Hangover movies we’ve seen in all this time. At least we have something left.

If you are going to organize a bachelor party, you have to do it right. You don’t have to stick to recipes from the past, while it is a given that both your company and you if you choose one of the following bachelor ideas, will enjoy it much more than a night at the bouzoukis.

Rent a villa with a pool

Perhaps it is the best solution for a great summer bachelor. You get together with the gang, rent a super-luxurious villa for bachelor on, and throw a night you’ll remember forever (especially the groom). In the search filters, it would be good to check the swimming pool, but also the number of beds depending on the people who will be in the bachelor, so that no one has to sleep on the floor or the sunbed. The house could be located either in Athens, Thessaloniki, or on an island.

Extra tip: You could also visit the house of a friend from the group, where you had your first vacation without parents and relive the whole phase.

A weekend on an island

Pick an island on the map of Greece, rent a big house so you can all stay together, buy ferry tickets, and leave. Two days on an Aegean island full of fun, jokes, jokes, and moments with close friends is the best antidote for the groom to forget about the upcoming wedding for a while. And you’ll all definitely have an awesome story to talk about for years to come.

Extra tip: Here too you could choose an island you visited in your student years, or even the island you spent your first vacation together and do the same or even more crazy things!

Why not camping?

The ultimate idea of escape and escape from the stresses and preparations of the wedding. A nearby destination, the old crowd, some scenes, and alcohol. You will bathe, play racquets, talk, bond, and share thoughts, while in the evening you can hire an escort for a bachelor party or go for a trip to the bars in the surrounding area. The next day you can go back or if you like the phase, extend the bachelor for one more night.

Extra tip: Antiparos is an ideal choice. The best bachelor parties take place there and the campsite is ideal, next to the sea and the famous Laluna.

Extreme sports are for extreme days

If the groom is a more extreme type and bored of the usual, then a different bachelor idea could include paintball, bungee jumping, water skiing, karting, or even sky diving. If you choose to do this all together, it will be a lot of fun. Just make sure someone takes a camera with them because moments like these are worth capturing.

Extra tip: If the groom is afraid of heights, should we avoid skydiving? A paintball is the best solution to take the edge off before the wedding, while you can continue for a few drinks afterward.

Hit the Road

You can rent a van or a caravan, start the engine, and escape for two days from everyone and everything. As the road trip with friends does not have, for this and a special day, such as the bachelor, it could be an excellent choice. Laughter, music, and a sweet return to your student years. Nothing better;

Extra tip: An excellent option is to Pelion, where you can visit the mountain villages, eat, drink and of course take a few dips in the wonderful beaches of the area.

I have a yacht, shall we go for a trip?

If you love the sea more, then instead of a caravan you can rent a sailboat and enjoy two days on the seas.

If there is even someone with a diploma in the company, then the bachelor on a ship should become number one on the list. If not, it doesn’t matter, since you can take a captain with you, who will drive while you have fun. Buy him some beer, though, eh?

Extra tip: Rent the sailboat and set off for Agistri, Aegina, Hydra, Poros, and Spetses. All in One. The perfect summer bachelor with the besties.

Travel abroad

If you intend to do something special for the bachelor’s day, then it needs to be organized well in advance. You can target specific dates, book plane tickets to the groom’s favorite European city, and travel together for a fun weekend outside the Greek borders. What happens abroad, stays abroad.

Extra tip: How about Dubrovnik in Croatia, where you can also take a Game of Thrones tour of all the places where the beloved series was filmed? Especially if the groom was also a fan, he would love it.

For whiskey lovers

Speaking of foreign, why not Scotland, say? Where our favorite Whiskey is worshiped like a god. You can also book a tour to a famous Whiskey Distillery, to see up close how your favorite drink is made, as well as to taste it.

Extra tip: If you still don’t want to run to Scotland, you can circle a Greek winery on the map (why not Santorini, say?) and try more Greek flavors.

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You may not get the chance to throw a bachelor party in style every year for all your single friends, but when you do, remember to get everyone involved and enjoy the celebration to the fullest.

Just remember to plan and book an escort everything in advance!

To create a successful bachelor party and keep the strippers happy and the mood festive, share this article with your friends and everyone who will be attending the bachelor party.

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